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At IT Computers And Networks we try to point you to the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your needs


Westnet comes very highly recommended. (IT Computers And Networks use it) Their packages are very competative with a good range of both ADSL and ADSL2.

They can be bought with or without a landline phone

Their customer service and help line are second to none. They really are excellent




TADAust Connect is the Internet Service Provider that was developed by Technical Aid to the Disabled (ACT) (TADACT) to give access to the Internet for people with disabilities, Aged Pensioners and Veterans who hold pension cards. It giives very good value for money and very competative against other ISP.


A point to consider is that their hours for support are 9-5 Monday to Friday



Bigpond has the larges network in Australia, but you should be aware of 2 things.

1. your uploads count towards your download limit i.e. sending e-mail

2. their customer service is very poor


Wireless Internet

I am talking about the wireless you can use on the beach. for best coverage then you should really consider Bigpond/Telstra they do have the best coverage and fastest speed, but at a premium.

Most of the other ISP's offer wireless broadband, but you need to check whether your area can get connection.

Speaking from experience... optus has two wireless options. street and home. this means that if your area only has street coverage, you may not get the internet inside your home... home coverage covers you for home and in street. You dont get to choose... it depends on the area and limitations on the signal


Naked Broadband

Naked Broadband

This simply means broadband without a telephone line i.e. you dont need to have a standard landline (with land line rental) usually cheaper and better value for money



This is on no way a complete list of ISP's... there are dozens of them available with varying packages to suit your needs.

IT Computers And Networks has no affiliation with any Internet Service Providers and you should look into which offers you the best package.


Our Computer Repair Services 
IT Computers And Networks Computer Repair Services can handle your toughest computer problems! Bring your computer to our experienced technical services staff to our repair lab in Wurtulla or check out our computer services and how to's repair on-line database. We are EXPERTS in Computer Repair. 


Our Networking Services 
IT Computers And Networks provides professional, timely, cost-effective small business computer networking solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether it's a simple fix or a large multi-site network implementation. IT Computers And Networks offers your business it's own on-call IT department at a fraction of the normal price.


Professional Website Design Services
IT Computers And Networks does not build or support websites, however there is a local man based in Maroochydore who can sort out all your website needs.

John is definatly a guru when it comes to this sort of thing and he can be found at;

Net Exposure Australia

John Bendall

Tel: 07 5443 5184

Alternative Website and Hosting
If the above options don't suit your needs then there are alternative options available. I can give general advice, but I AM NOT a web-designer or web expert in any capacity so advice should be used at your own risk.

IT Computers and Networks or myself personally do not accept any responsibilty  for advice given.

If you require expert advice contact John at Net Exposure Australia and have the site built and hosted by an expert.